Before I continue, look at the following image which represents my political leanings (courtesy of I have repeatedly taken this test and it always comes out to the same thing: Slightly right, quite a bit libertarian.

So my political views being what they are why is Paulson my hero? Because what he did was necessary. Yes I am for free market, and no socialization. But I am also very much of the opinion that to keep a free market the free market has to benefit everybody. If the free market does not benefit everybody then you will end up with a restricted market. Look at Venezuela as a case in point.

The trick with the free market is when to step in and when to let the market be what it may be. And in this case Paulson did the right thing. He had to step in and take control.

I am writing this blog to remind all of my readers that yes free markets are right. But free markets are just a means, not an end to a means. And I also want to remind my readers that all of these naysayers who are predicting the end of the world are in my opinion not being realistic. The world is not that bad off…  Just open your eyes and talk to people. It seems to me that whenever I do I get the reaction, "Me I am ok, but person XYZ is doing really bad."

For example America says Europe is in bad shape, Europe says America is in bad shape, China says America and Europe is in bad shape. So we point the finger, when in fact things are not that bad…