I am tired of Cramer… I am tired of Fast Money…  I am tired of the drivel called CNBC America…  CNBC America you just converted me to Bloomberg TV. CNBC Europe I still like for the most part. CNBC America has jumped the shark.

CNBC America has turned into a sort of show that is akin to reality TV (bigger than life and missing the point). Here are the things I find wrong with CNBC America

  • When the iPhone launched Squawkbox had an excerpt that talked about the iPhone. BUT it reminded me of an info-mercial on the iPhone. I thought WTF!
  • Cramer…  I have had a love hate relationship with him for quite a while. But I just could not take it anymore and decided to turn him off.
  • Fast Money: When Fast Money made fun of Palm with some very degrading comments I thought now you went over the top. Palm yesterday announced that their products specifically the Centro is selling very well. Yes Fast Money apologized to Palm. Though I don’t even want to talk about their Russia, Nokia, Apple or “short the GBP” plays. As one of the winners of the CNBC contest said, “I just did the opposite of what Pete Najarian said and did very well.”
  • PowerLunch, Closing Bell, whatever…  I am just tired..

Let me illustrate with an example, Palm. Fast Money went out of their way to mock Palm repeatedly! Not just once or twice, but repeatedly said how they are a dying company. They said on how nobody would want their devices. This is a kind of negativity that makes it very difficult for a company to break out of shell because the media just keeps mocking on how bad of a company this is.

YET what is the reality? Palm is selling very well. This might even be Palm’s comeback. Yes the Fast Money crew apologized, but they did so after the fact. After they had “destroyed” Palm, and those tears they shed were crocodile tears.

The thing is that CNBC America (eg Fast Money) has moved away from factual information to trends and hypes. And it is at that moment I decided enough is enough. I might come back to CNBC…  But for the moment I am going to give Bloomberg TV a shot, maybe even Fox NEWS (I shudder…)