I have not been posting as much as usual. It has been a really busy time for me. I have a whole lot of blog posts that I need to release and simply have not had the time. Though in the next couple of weeks things should ease up a bit for me.

What’s new? Well I am writing algo trading routines, that is sort of new. It is actually very very exciting work because I learn how future traders make their money. I now know more about market depth than I think I really care to know.

Another part that is sort of new, but I have not been telling about is that I am now officially a part time developer with an investment bank. I was coy in previous months about with whom my potential part time job was. The investment bank is…. drums roll….  Credit Suisse First Boston….  Woohooo….

I only wanted a part time gig because well, I only wanted a part time deal. I don’t want to work full time for CS. It is a great investment bank to be working for and I enjoy the work quite a bit. It also puts me into contact with the “big boys and girls.”

Though there are some ground rules that I now need to abide by and thus anyone who sends me email or asks for help needs to know my rules.

  1. I can only help those clients that are not employed in a financial related corporation, or sector that is on any global stock exchange or related to a company on a global stock exchange and is in competition with CS. The way it was put to me, I can help individual traders who are acting on their own, but not Goldman Sachs nor hedge funds or funds of any meaningful size.
  2. I can’t comment on financial institutions or the state of financial institutions. Financial institutions have become a taboo topic for me at a public level.
  3. I can’t comment in any form whatsoever on the work I do for CS.
  4. I can’t comment on the relationships that CS has with other companies or vendors or clients.

I can completely understand the position of CS. They don’t want me to to say or do things that are not appropriate. They don’t want me to say anything about their internal workings. And they definitely don’t want me to help their competition. All understandable from my perspective. So starting now I don’t comment on the financial landscape… All in all the past couple of months have been pretty exciting working! Though I will continue to comment on other work I have been doing, like XBRL, or Addin Express…. Those have been languishing…