My wife and I went to apply for a mortgage as we saw a piece of property that interested us. Considering that I am always interested in knowing the state of the market I asked the mortgage broker how business was.

She said, “we are really busy right now.”

I looked at her and asked, “how come?”

She replied, “no idea, but it seems people are getting it into their minds to buy.”

Of course there is a spring effect and that now is a time to buy due to seasonal effects.  Though what was interesting is that she said that they were really busy, as in, “wow we have not been this busy in a long while.”

Remember that this is the Swiss market we are talking here. Though three weeks ago when I was in California I had a chance to talk to the locals and they said many people were thinking of buying.

What this tells me is that you should not bet against the market, and I wonder if maybe now might be a time to buy stocks like Home Depot.