Throughout the years I have invested and worked for financial institutions. On the weekend I had a long talk with my wife on my future direction. The future is as follows:

  • Long Term Goal: Become a fund manager of my own fund. This goal is a long term goal because I need to become fully licensed before I can offer my fund. I have no problem with becoming licensed, but it requires time.
  • Medium Term Goal: Become a central repository for alternative financial information. I want to talk about how I see the investment world, from the perspective of a techy that went into the investment world. That means more research papers and introductions to concepts. And when I write a research paper I need to come up with recommendations on what to do with the information.
  • Short Term Goal: Write more financial content, and solve more problems for people. It is interesting to see that since the middle of December many people have come to me and asked about how to implement strategies. I have very competitive rates and feel free to send me an email christianhgross at

So take a look at (or and send me email if there are any research topics or strategy analysis that you want me to pursue. For now I will be giving away the information for free. But as time progresses I plan on doing a sort of subscription request model. Though that is down the road and I want to see how things progress.

For now take a look at my first research on the Microsoft Yahoo Deal. You will probably be surprised because when I decided to do some indepth research I learned something very interesting about the deal and why Google is very concerned.