What are the sales number of iPhones in Germany since November 9….


How about France?

70,000 as well…

As I pointed out in an earlier blog entry when people talk about Apple rebounding, I personally feel it is more hope related than actual numbers.

What does the chap from T-Mobile say?

“I’m happy with the sales, not only with the number of customers but also with the quality of the customers,” Obermann said today. “I do think it’s just the beginning.”

Oh yeah just keep thinking like this. After all they did miss the numbers completely in Europe… But shhhhh that would raise the ire of Steve Jobs and nobody wants to give Steve bad news.

 Abramsky says carrier meetings and store visits in the U.K., France and Germany “point to solid European iPhone momentum.” He expects the company to sell 400,000-500,000 iPhones in Europe in the fiscal first quarter ending December 31, of an expected 1.65 million units.

NOT EVEN CLOSE! Let’s see UK 190,00 Germany 70,000 up to now (I am being generous) France 70,000. That makes the grand total of… 330,000 missing the lower sales target of 400 by 18%, if you include 2/3 of January.

Folks, this is why Apples shares are hitting the ground like a ton of bricks! Apple misfired with the iPhone… The iPhone is globally not competitive. The global handset makers are not asleep at the wheel, they know their stuff. It is one of the most competitive markets there is.