Ok, this is a way long shot, but here are my Democratic and Republican ticket nominations. I say it is a long shot because my gut is telling me something and that is what I will follow on.

Democratic: John Edwards

Republican: Mike Huckabee

Gotcha on that one, no? In October 2004 I said it would be Bush that would win, and then I said it would be a Democratic landslide. So right now I think I am doing pretty good even though my choices were not obvious at the time. Though in hindsight they are rather obvious.

So why Edwards, and Huckabee? I said they don’t stand for change, but yet the candidates talk about change. I say they don’t stand for change because what they stand for I call a socialist type change that is not really a change.

Look at the track record of Huckabee, and Edwards. These two are socialists and very Christian oriented. Bush won because he addressed those two segments. And right now with American’s hurting and seeing corporate managers raking in one golden parachute after another American’s have had enough. They have had enough with corporate grabs, decreasing personal wages and ever increasing debt.

CNBC is saying both of these guys are against corporations. If you think that then you don’t understand Edwards and Huckabee. These two guys are not against corporations that provide jobs. They are against private equity, and financial institutions that do more for money and less for people and jobs. Putting it in plain text, Edwards and Huckabee are trying to represent an America that is best illustrated by the investing habits of Warren Buffett.

So if either or both of these guys come out strong in Iowa watch out private equity, investment banking, and LBO as your days are numbered. If this does come to pass I would be REALLY hesitant in investing in anything related to private equity or the sort.

Of course I will change my opinion if Edwards and Huckabee don’t do well in Iowa. However, something tells me that is not the case.