Hi folks, starting in the new year I am going to be launching a new website called HappyAsAHippo.com. On this new website I am going to do a couple of things:

  • Calculate the HHCPI (Happy Hippo CPI). We all hear about inflation, and how low it is, but yet we feel wrong. What I am going to do is use online resources to calculate a price index each and every day. The price index will measure two things; what people are actually spending, and what inflation there is. That value will be compared to the actual inflation data and you can get a picture of what is going on.
  • Calculate the buying tendencies of the major indices. This will be a measure of whether or not you should be buying into the major indices.

I am asking for input because I would like some beta testers who could provide some feedback on what looks good and what does not look good. I am thinking of launching the beta in January or so. Send an email to christianhgross at gmail.com.