Here’s my latest post about AMD.

Here’s an excerpt from a Frobes article:

“Intel’s latest desktop processors have faster clocks speeds and use
smaller transistors–45 nanometers as opposed to 65 nanometers–that
allow them to do more work with less power, _all else being equal_.
“We think that Intel is consolidating its performance lead in
desktops,” Wachovia analyst David Wong wrote in a note to investors

!! “All else being equalt.” All else is not equal. Sure, Intel can
brute force faster speeds with the working capital that they have, but
AMD is going to finesse it’s way into the chip spotlight, just like
they did a few years ago.

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Funny you mention AMD… I run my simulations on AMD chips. They are 15% faster than my dual core’s. For most people 15% is trivial. But one simulation on my dual core takes 10 hours, and on my AMD runs just under 9 hours. Run 30 simulations and you have cut out a day! I have no idea why the AMD’s are faster, but they are and that’s all I care about.

Seems that no one else is impressed by AMDs chips. The stock is tanking after a lackluster release of their new CPUs and GPUs.

I’m still a believer that their integration of ATI technology on the CPU is going to give them a big advantage 1-2 years from now.

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