A little birdie was telling me that recently London has become the largest exchange hosting foreign companies. It is now bigger to New York and preferred to simpler regulations. The WSJ talked about this about a year or so ago as did International Tribune this year. .

The little birdie said, “point the finger at Sarbanes Oxley.” So I guess WSJ was correct, and the problem is that Sarbanes Oxley is too much regulation? Well not quite, again the little birdie said, “the bigger problem is that you can go to jail all too easily and that scares the bezeers out of management. London is laxer about these sorts of things!”

Hmmm, I know from a quant developer perspective there seems to be more jobs and more going-ons in Europe (ok London). Sign of the things to come in the future? I wonder? My wife is already complaining, “but I hate the weather!”