I am going to review the two books; Profit From Uranium and Profit from China. I want to structure my review in three parts, initial, reading it, and digested the information.

Initial: When I first received the books I looked at them and thought, huh that’s it! Fifty pages and about a third are “don’t do this or that.” Let me say that I was a bit disappointed and had some very low expectations. But I guess one should never judge a book by its cover, or page count. 😉

Reading it: Wow, that’s interesting. I myself don’t invest in commodities or China due to certain self imposed restrictions. I read “Profit from Uranium first” and have to say I was impressed by the materials. Granted the materials were written with a bit too much marketing speak (eg “Do this now and become rich”) but the information itself was very good.

When I invest I like to understand how the strings are held together. It is no good investing in a buggy whip company based on superb PE ratios when the future is the automobile. These books provided those tidbits that lets me piece a picture together. It gave me a sense of understanding who the players were in the uranium industry.

The materials were laid out in a fashion where you can easily understand why Uranium or China should be interesting to an investor. I especially liked the comment regarding China on the topic of whether you should invest on the Chinese stock market or a Chinese company listed in the US. The recommendation was to invest on Chinese companies listed in the US. I feel that the comment is one of those little insider things you should know about. BTW for those wondering why not invest in the Chinese market, or for the record or many Asian markets it is because many consider the Chinese or some Asian stock markets like a casino.

Digested the information: I don’t like to post reviews to books or comment on topics until I had a think on the materials. I find all too often I will write or say things in a knee jerk fashion. So I wait and mull the information over and make a personal judgement.

Here is what I did not like about the books; I did not like the voice in either of the books. It was a bit too Cramerish for me. When Cramer does his thing where the camera zooms in and out while he is talking my mind explodes. Usually at that point I stop looking at the TV and just listen to his words. I felt a bit of that while reading the books. I had to ignore the “Cramer” speak and focus on the information.

I did like the fact that even if you are a complete newbie they have some tips on what you should do and not do when investing. It goes beyond the basic disclaimer, “You can loose money investing…” Their disclaimers were more like “Hey here is a disclaimer on what you should not do because otherwise you will loose money.” That was a nice touch.

I did like the information in the book. I learned about topics being presented. I did not have that feeling, “ugh I just bought a book and learned nothing.” 

The books are good if you plan on investing in the topics talked about. Or as in my case I was interested in the materials for informational purposes. Even though the books are about 50 pages long they have something interesting to say. For the savy Uranium or China investor these books might give some new insight, but I don’t know since I am a newbie in those fields. Overall I do give these two books two thumbs up.

PS: One more thing, would I become “rich” based on the information given in the book? I will let you know in six months!