If you have any monies in Venezuela I would think very very hard about it taking those monies out. Venezuela is taking another step closer to becoming a dictatorship. As I commented earlier it looked like Venezuela was moving in this direction.

President Hugo Chavez was granted free rein Wednesday to accelerate changes in broad areas of society by presidential decree — a move critics said propels Venezuela toward dictatorship.

Jason talked about KRY and I think he should become concerned.

Venezuela’s foreign minister on Thursday said the country is considering nationalizing its mining industry, a week after President Hugo Chavez announced plans to bring the electricity and telecommunications sectors under state control.

I am lucky in that my sister lives in Ecuador and I get insight into South America. I have been watching Chavez for a very long time now and what he has done is slick. About a year ago my sister thought he was great and doing good things. Now he scares the bezeers out of her. (NOTE: Chavez and Correa have become buddy buddy and that concerns her) 

In the book Pragmatic Programmers they illustrated that there are two ways to boil a live frog. The first is to throw the frog into boiling hot water which causes the frog to immediately jump out. The other way is the clever way is to put the frog into cold water and then slowly increase the temperature. By the time the water temperature becomes too hot the frog will be boiled. This is what Chavez is doing/did with Venezuela.

Chavez is doing/did a slow switch from democracy into a communist dictatorship. Granted the transform is not quite complete, but he is already discussing the scrapping of term limits.

Opposition leader Julio Borges called for the 4 million Venezuelans who voted against Chavez not to be left out of decision-making, particularly as he pushes for constitutional changes including scrapping the term limits that would end his presidency in 2013.

When people thought, oh gee soon Chavez will be out due to term limits. Ha! I knew Chavez would stay because power has consumed him. Now people are supporting Chavez because Chavez is giving out money. But one day this will end and then he needs to use force. It is on that day Chavez has officially become a dictator!