The iPhone is stirred up controversy and there are people on both sides of the fence. The iPhone nags at me as being a lesson in how you can fool people by marketing.

Now I found the reason why I had this nagging doubt. Nokia is about to launch the N95 which would be an iPod competitor. Let me line up the features of both devices:


Screen: 320×480 3.5″

Storage: 4 GB or 8GB

GSM: Quad band

Wiressless: WiFi, EDGE, Bluetooth

Camera: 2.0 megapixels

Weight: 135 grams

Dimensions: 115x61x11.6 mm

Special features: OSX operating system, single touch screen, iTunes, limited to Cingular.

Nokia N95

Screen: 320×480 3.5″

Storage: 160 MB expansion through SD

GSM: Quad band, Dual Mode 3G

Wiressless: WiFi, EDGE, Bluetooth, HSDPA

Camera: 5 megapixels, 20x Digital zoom

Weight: 120 grams

Dimensions: 99x53x21 mm

Special features: DVD quality video recording, 3G TV and Video streaming capabilities, 2nd camera for blogging, Carl Zeiss optics for camera, and Nokia Xpress solutions, available worldwide on all networks, *Replaceable batter (this one feature is hitting Apple hard)*.

I don’t know about the price for the N95, but it will probably be competitive with the iPhone.

What is obvious is that the N95 is smaller, lighter, more powerful than the “revolutionary” iPhone. What does the iPhone have? Harddisk space and iTunes, not much in my opinion!

If I had the choice between the iPhone or the N95 from Nokia I would choose Nokia because Nokia is a phone company!

AND this is why I feel the Apple stock price is over-inflated on this marketing hype! Add on the fact that iPhone is trademarked by Cisco and I am very skeptical the iPhone can make it in the market.

NOTE: I did not find the N95, but Tim Almond posted a blog comment about it. Thanks Tim!