I found this interesting site through a link that came up on my Google Finance screen for Crystallex.

Ant & Sons Chart of the Week Video:

Ant & Sons has rolled out its updated Chart of the Week column with technical analysis video using the latest technology.

The video is hosted through YouTube and displayed on their site with YouTube’s distributed Flash player. I’ve seen a few of these video stock review sites cropping up and I think the model is tempting. I’m going to try to find some good screen capture software and a good microphone to set this up myself. Any suggestions?

I’m also going to be on the lookout for more stock review videos on YouTube. I’m starting with a simple search for “stock chart“.

p.s. Ant & Sons’ take on KRY is to watch to see if it can stay above the 50-day moving average and $3 level. The early day trading today shows KRY having trouble with that $3 resistance. I have a position in KRY, but won’t be adding to it until it trades a full day (open to close) above $3.