It was Thomas Jefferson who said: “Every generation needs a Revolution.” He was, of course, talking about the fact that every few years there comes a time where the old administration must be replaced by a newer one in order for our nation and liberty to survive. Every four years this nation has an opportunity for a revolution of sorts.

Soon in 2008, whether you love them or hate them, the old administration will be gone. What does this mean for the investor? It is impossible to predict all the possibilities that will flood in when a new President, and therefore a new vision, takes the oath on those gleaming white steps. Wal-Mart however is hedging its bets.

It is interesting to note that recently Wal-Mart started a voters education program in Iowa as a counter to In case you are in the dark about wakeupwalmart, they are a political action group that feels, among other things, Wal-Mart’s practice of hiring only non-union labor is bad for America. They have many supporters in the Democratic Party. In case you are in the dark about Wal-Mart I can’t help you.

Many of WakeUp’s supporters will be running for office in ’08 and Wal-Mart feels a need to defend itself, especially in the all-important state of Iowa. Iowa is a key player for both parties and the winner of the Democratic primaries in Iowa has a good chance of being the next Democratic contender for President in 2008.

The interesting point in the Wal-Mart defense is this: while they talk about various presidential candidates and why they are wrong for bashing Wal-Mart, they left out one interesting runner, Hillary Clinton. The Honorable Senator from New York, and previous resident of Wal-Mart’s home state of Arkansas, is never mentioned, despite her support (on paper anyway) of WakeUp.

Maybe it was an oversight; maybe there are other reasons. I would simply suggest that if in 2008 we have our first woman President it might become a good time to look at picking up some Wal-Mart stock.