Greetings! We’re very happy to present Carnival of Investing #13! We had an excellent 22 submissions this week, and thank you all for your timely submissions. I reviewed all the previous carnivals and liked MyMoneyBlog’s the best, so here we have it, with it’s simple majesty. Enjoy, and see you next week when Neo’s Nest Egg will be hosting.

Contributor Submission
Smart Capitalist The Buffett Rational
Frank the Financially Savvy Atheist (The F.S.A.) Suggested Lender formula for pricing prosper loans.
A Geek’s World An Interesting Chart
The Dividend Guy Blog It is Never Too Soon to Take Money Off of the Table
The Art of Money True Religion Drop
Free Money Finance 5 Mistakes Investors Just Can’t Afford
Centrerion GDP and GDP per Capita Since NAFTA
Ask Uncle Bill Mr. Market And The Upside Down PE
Young and Broke Easy Ways to Lose Money: Retirement Edition
Canadian Financial Rants Advice: Listen to a Comedian sometimes
Aridni Who is in charge of your investments?
Stocks For ME Google vs. Yahoo: should I buy either
The Net Worth Blog Investment Strategy: Performance Attribution and More on Asset Allocation
Searchlight Crusade Passive Asset Allocation
Firevalt Blog Information vs. Wisdom
Financial Options The Week Ahead: Your Financial Roadmap for March 6-10, 2006
Journey To Financial Freedom 3 Steps to train yourself become gret stocks investor
The Japan Stock Blog Nomura Enters Hot Japanese Online Brokerage Arena (NMR)
Old Niu’s Blog The Tricks of Magic Formula Investing
Fat Pitch Financials Phil Town’s Rule #1 Book
Blueprint for Financial Prosperity How Does Jim Cramer Know All Stocks?
Abnormal Returns BRIC house hype

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