Here are two interesting new websites, in the Web 2.0 spirit, focused on stocks.

Predict Wall Street – This site allows you to make daily predictions on the move of a stock or index. As with a lot of Web 2.0 offerings, it gets better with each additional user. If more people start using this site, it could become a great resource for stock research. My username on the site is “investorgeek”. I’d like to give you a link to my predictions, but it doesn’t seem possible. I think I’ll submit a suggestion to the site to provide this.

Stock Digg – This site, obviously inspired by the social news site Digg, lets users submit news item related to stocks. Submissions can be voted on; popular submissions make it to the front page. I think you can submit blog articles as well (wink wink).

Both of these sites are fairly new, but have some potential as they continue to grow. Enjoy.