I don’t believe it is our job to just provide stock picks.

What I do believe:

  • I believe it is our mission to help educate a generation of geeks on how to build wealth and secure a worry-free retirement for themselves through investment and personal finance. No compromises, no apologies, no holds bar.
  • I believe every investor should practice discipline, research, and a dialectic (dialouge based) approach to choosing investments. Wealth is built over a lifetime and I believe every investor should have the courage to encourage others to supress their desires to gamble.
  • I believe that we must walk before we run and in the same manner we should expect lower returns as we learn how to successfully invest.

There are thousands of investments out there, from bonds, to stocks, to starting your own business. I want to cover all of them on this site, and every investor should think carefully about his full range of options. Every investors’ circumstances are different and every investor has a personality — a certain ability to take on risk, and a certain lifestyle he would like to lead. Not every investment is suitable for each investor, and it is every person’s duty to himself to figure out what kind of risk and effort he’s willing to make with his investments.

Rental property, for example, is something I’m very passionate about, but it requires a lot of work — a level that not every investor is necessarily interested in AND THAT’S OKAY! The point is that every investor should feel comfortable with their investments, and if we can help you in any way possible, then we are at your service.

We want all of us to be successful and wealthy, both personally and financially — and if we can pass on some information to help you in your journey then that makes us happy guys. However, the point of this site is that it is a learning process for us too, and we’ll make mistakes, but as investors we must learn from our mistakes and carry on, reporting it all the way. We want to build a community where we can all share from our common efforts in the true nature of open source and the spirit of the commons.

Look forward to hearing about Digital Media Convergence in my article next Tuesday.