Welcome to our new site, where those who know come to find out about the latest trends in investments in the US and abroad. The three creators of this site, Chris Welch, Frank Sanders, and Jason Coleman, all novices in high finance, have come together to create the most forward looking investment picks any three amatuers can muster. We aim to be thoughtful, well researched, and at times even amusing.

The rules of this site are simple, and are meant to keep us focused, active, and you involved in every step.

  1. We will post regularly. Each of the creators will take turns posting a new article every Tuesday, outlining the his latest thoughts on investment. The other creators will post followups every Friday to build on the previous Tuesday’s article, either refuting, supporting, or furthuring its content.
  2. We will try to sound intelligent. We will rate the immediacy of each recommendation we make as Short-term (<1 year), Medium-term (<5 years), and Long-term (5+ years). We will also include citations to support our claims, and we will try to include as much unbiased regulatory and financial data as possible.
  3. We welcome community involvement. We want you, the reader, to get involved. Post comments (we love them)!

Learning about investments, and securities in particular has been something I’m very passionate about, and what better way to learn than with friends and a community of readers. We’ll try not to BS you, and in return we hope you’ll help us by reading and sharing.