Tuesday Reading

I know you came here looking for another insightful article by Chris. You can expect to be wowed again by Chris tomorrow. In the meantime, here are some recent items of interest: How Warren Buffett Invests The folks at BusinessWeek have built a stock screener around Buffett’s investing principles. Check out What Would Warren Do? (more…)

Investing vs. Starting a Business

There’s a very important topic that I’d like to discuss briefly here, and it’s in regards to starting your own business. Fundamentally, a business is an investment. Any company’s goal is to generate profits for its owners, and in the case of a small business, a salary as well. The problem with businesses is that they’re a job. And not only are they a job, they also cause a lot of stress and a generally poor social life during the initial years.

Real estate has always been a passion of mine. Many people have made fortunes off real estate and growing up with a father in the business, I understand how the model works. However, getting started is a big effort, which involves management, construction, marketing, and all the other jobs associated with starting a business. This is not coincidence — buying investment property is a business.