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Carnival of Investing #22

14 May 2006 7,347 views 58 Comments

Greetings! We’re very happy to present Carnival of Investing #22! We had an excellent 22 submissions this week, and thank you all for your timely submissions. Without further ado, here are our submittor’s articles (by date submitted).

Contributor Submission
Stock Market Beat Important Growth Indicators for Software Companies
Personal Development Blog Investing With Leverage For Wealth
Trader Knowledge Futures Trading Systems – Reduce your Risks in the Futures Markets
Resistance is futile! High gas prices are overrated
Growth Milestones Automatic Wealth Creation 3
Laws of Finance Dividend Reinvestment is Overrated
Nubricks.com 11 Secrets to buy-to-let Property rental success abroad
“D”igital Breakfast Foreclosure Investing – A Look At Morris County
High Risk High Reward My Big Stock Bet (Not Really)
Uncover the Internet Nobel Prize Economics Game “Trade Ruler”
The Dividend Guy Blog Selecting Stocks to Buy with the Dividend Yield
Paul’s Tips Six steps for learning difficult subjects quickly
It’s Just Money Where’s this Housing Bubble we’ve been hearing about?
My 1st Million At 33 Stock Market Crash Signal: Hindenberg Omen on April 7, 2006
Financial Reflections Dilbert’s Stock Picks
Experiments in Finance How to calculate financial ratios used in value investing
Trader’s Narrative Michigan Consumer Sentiment Survey
Financial Options The Week Ahead: Your Financial Road Map for May 15 to 19, 2006
Personal Finance Advice Alternative Investments – Domain Names
Mover Mike Jewelers dangling
City Girl’s Financial Blog Diversification on the “diversify” strategy
The Education of a Gaming Investor Using former leaders to predict a correction
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  • Personal Finance Advice said:

    Thanks for putting the carnival together. Time to start this week’s reading!

  • Chris (author) said:

    Our pleasure!

  • frugal said:

    Thanks for hosting, Chris. Look forward to the readings.

  • Mover Mike said:

    Carnival of Investing…

    Carnival of Investing #22 is up at InvestorGeeks
    Mover Mike is one of the participants….

  • Of Carnivals and Jewelers » said:

    […] Investorgeeks is hosting this week’s Carnival of Investing, and it marks my first submission to this ongoing event. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of “carnivals”, don’t worry, I wasn’t sure what they were either up until last week. The short explanation is that carnivals are basically a regular listing of links to posts submitted by bloggers that highlight their work. Usually those who have already submitted a post take turns to “host” the carnival each time. In the area of personal finance, there are three carnivals that I know of: Carnival of Investing, Carnival of Personal Finance, and Festival of Frugality. […]

  • financial reflections » Carnival (and Festival) Mania said:

    […] Investor Geeks is hosting the Carnival of Investing where my post Dilbert’s Stock Picks is entered. […]

  • Personal Finance Advice » Blog Archive » Personal Finance Reading - May 15 said:

    […] You can catch a number of investing submissions at Investor Geeks. […]

  • High Risk High Reward » Blog Archive » My First Carnival!!! How Exciting. said:

    […] Thanks to InvestorGeeks for hosting the Carnival of Investing #22 and being the first to host one of my investing submissions or more specifically My Big Stock Bet (Not Really).  I’m working on some new pieces so check back for more of my thoughts and keep reading the Carnivals! […]

  • Stock Market Beat » Financial Carnivals This Week said:

    […] The Carnival of Investing is hosted by InvestorGeeks this week, and features our recent post on growth indicators for software companies. […]

  • Financial Carnival - Fat Pitch Financials said:

    […] Carnival of Investing at InvestorGeeks […]

  • Blog Carnival said:

    Blog Carnival index: Carnival of Investing #22…

    CARNIVAL OF INVESTING is now up at InvestorGeeks!…

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    […] • Carnival of Personal Finance #48 • Carnival of Investing #22 • Carnival of Business #4 […]

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